Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Infotour around Sliven`s cultural heritage

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Infotour will be held on September 27, 2016 and includes the following items: Historical museum - Sliven, House of Sliven's culture of XIX century, Museum of Textile Industry,Tuida fortress and some of the symbols of the city. Guide of the infotour will be Mr. Nikolay Sirakov - director of the historical museum in Sliven. The event is dedicated to the World Tourism Day, which is celebrated annually on 27 September.
Sliven Municipality in cooperation with Elka Mihaylova - consultant in tourism to the municipality are the organizers of this tour, which is for people in the business area of tourism - hoteliers, restaurateurs, owners and managers of attractions, sports facilities and others, which are dominated by visitors from the country or abroad.
The main goal that we set is colleagues who have the closest contact with tourists and visitors to know in details the cultural and historical landmarks of Sliven and to motivate their customers to visit them.
9:00 am. - Visit the Regional Historical Museum Sliven - disquisition
10.00. - Walking tour in the city center and familiarization with the symbols of Sliven - The Old Elm, Clock tower, The monument of Hadji Dimitar and etc.
11.00. - Visiting the museum "Sliven's lifestyle and culture of 19th c." - disquisition
12.00. - Visit the National Museum of Textile Industry - disquisition and demonstrations
13.30. - Visit the Tuida fortress /transfer to the fortress will be done by the organizers transport/
13:30 to 14:00 h. - Break for coffee and sandwich
14:00 to 16:00 h. - Disquisition, archery, dressed with antique and medieval costumes for a picture, introduction to bird hunting Drako.

Minister Angelkova visited Tuida fortress

Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova, visited yesterday (02.09.2016) Tuida  Fortress! She was invited to open this year's Rally Sliven , 2016 .

On " Tuida " Mrs. Angelkova acquainted with the history of the fort and the activities of the team in the past year and a half. She was verry impressed and promised to promote Tuida fortress at national level.

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Happy Easter!

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Christ has risen! The team of Medieval fortress "Tuida" wishes you health and prosperity and happy hollydays!
The fortress welcomes hundreds of visitors on that holly date. For us, it was a great pleasure to share the joy and happiness of celebrating together this bright hollyday - Easter! Thank you and be welcome again!

Creative Vacation at Regional Historical Museum - Sliven and National Museum of Textile Industry

On the 2th and on the 10th of April, 2016 year will be presented interesting workshops modules and crafts at Regional Historical Museum - Sliven and at National Museum of Textile Industry.
According to the mentioned period above the “Historical workshops” will be stopped for a while at fortress “Tuida”. The “Historical workshops” will be started again on the 16th of April.

Wishing all the best to the colleagues of Regional Historical Museum - Sliven and National Museum of Textile Industry. Wishing children - the participants in the workshops good luck, new friendships and a creative vacation!

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