Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Workshop "Dyeing from Nature"

The "Dyeing from Nature" project goes to its end. It is implemented with the financial support of the National Culture Fund. Performer is the National Museum of Textile Industry- Sliven in partnership with Nature Park „Blue stones”, Tuida fortress and Professional High School of Textile and Clothing „Dobri Zhelyazkov“. Participants in the project are 4 groups of researchers - students from the Second Primary School "Hristo Botev", headed by Kostadinka Popova; from the 3rd Primary School "Dr. Ivan Seliminski" with leaders Vassilena Zhelyazkova and Tatiana Andreeva, and from the Professional High School of Textile and Clothing „Dobri Zhelyazkov“.
For 10 months the participants studied dyeing with natural dyes, traditions and practices in the past, seek a scientific explanation, they experimented, carrying expeditions made demonstrations in public. On 27.05.2017. The final workshop was held, which was open to all who wanted to join. Hosts of the event were the National Museum of Textile Industry and Tuida Fortress- Sliven.
Participants had the opportunity to learn about the stages through which the wave (from fleece to woven fabric) and participate in the dyeing of textile materials with natural dyes authentic recipes. Guest-Demonstrator - Marieta Nedkova, Association for the Development of Arts and Crafts ARIZ 7

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