Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Fair of tourist animation and entertainment - Kabile 2017

The team of Tuida fortress took a part in the VI Fair of Tourist Animation and Entertainment - Kabile 2017, which took place from 09.06-11.06.2017. Organizers of the event were the Municipality of Yambol and the National Historical and Archeological Reserve "Thracian and Antique city Kabile".

Participants took over 100 restorers. In addition to Yambol reenovers from all over Bulgaria participated, including representatives of the clubs "Krum Strashnye" - Shumen, "Dux Anticae" - Svishtov, "Mos Mayorum Ulphere Serdice" - Sofia.
Visitors to the event had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the antique age through battles between the Romans and Thracians, to go through the Middle Ages by touching moments in the lives of our ancestors, to shoot with bow and to play ancient games suitable for youngs and olds. Presented were replicas of authentic weapons from the Middle Ages and Gothic armament.
Among the other highlights of the program were the recreation of a Roman court, embodiments of fable Aesop and 7th feat of Heracles, Slaves market, rituals in honor of Jupiter and Dionysus, Tasting of food and drinks - typical of the antique era, crafts market and others. The presence of Harris's Hawk - Drako cause excitement and curiosity among visitors to the ancient town of Kabile. Everyone could have taken a picture of this extraordinary predator.

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