Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

II Traditional Archery Tournament

On May 28, 2022, the II "Griffon" Traditional Archery Tournament was held in Tuida Fortress, Sliven!

Organizers of the event were KBI "Griffon", town of Sliven, and hosts-  Fortress Tuida, Sliven
Clubs and individual participants from all over the country took part in the competition, competing in the following disciplines:
- Apple shooting distance: 7 m.
- Shooting from a prone position / the competitor is lying on his back / distance: 15 m.
- Shooting from a sitting position / competitor is seated with crossed legs / distance: 15 m.
- Balance shooting / the competitor has stepped on a platform from which he must shoot while in a balanced position distance: 15 m.
- Rapid fire behind cover distance: 15 m.
- Long shooting distance: 50 m.
- Shooting at a rotating target distance: 15 m.
- Shooting at rolling discs distance: 12 m.

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The conditions for the team competitions were that the team should consist of 5 competitors and that each team must have at least one child and one woman. Disciplines:
- Rapid fire distance: 15 m.
/ All team members shoot at the same time / Time: 30 sec.
- Shooting on the move distance: 40 m.
/ the team starts from a starting position that is 40 m away from the goal. Each shooter has the right to six shots on the move until he reaches the end point, which is 15 m from the target. The distance between the start and end point is graphed in six positions from which the shooting takes place. Movement from position to position takes place at the signal of the referee. An unfired arrow after the go signal is released from the next position.

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- Relay shooting
Each participant has the right to three shots. The shooters shoot one after the other. At the moment of a hit, the next shooter from the team immediately starts. Lead time also affects the rating.

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Super CHAMPION Cup: Men, women and children competed in this competition. Here are the top three finishers from each group (men, women and children)

Men: 1st place: Iliyan Stanchev - Academy "Velichie"                           Women: 1st place: Nina Yankova - Academy "Velichie"

2nd place: Nikolay Gospodinov - "Metal Archery"                                                2nd place: Nadia Tsoneva - SK "Gabarit"

3rd place: Dimitar Daskalov - SK "Gabarit"                                                          3rd place: Diana Veleva - individual

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Children:   1st place: Nikalas Georgiev - KBI "Griffon"                             Super CHAMPION: 1st place: N. Gospodinov - Metal Archery

                2nd place: Lesi Mihailova - KBI "Griffon"                                                            2nd place: Iliyan Stanchev - Academy "Velichie"

                3rd place: Maria Daskalova - SC "Gabarit"                                                         3rd place: Dimitar Daskalov - SC "Gabarit"

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