Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”


On 12-13 October  2019, the Fifth Medieval fair "Remember the Glory" will take place on the territory of the Tuida foretress. The format is one of the main activities of the site through which the destination is popularized and over the years The Medieval fair " Remember the Glory" recieved a 2016 year nomination in the "Read and Travel" magazine for events in the Cultural Tourism sector. The fair "Remember the Glory" is organized on the occasion of the celebration of Sliven- Dimitrovden, Municipality of Sliven and Tuida Fortress.

In both days, visitors will have the opportunity to observe combat demonstrations on the back of the horse, demonstrations of various weapons from land, clashes of heavily armed combatants and medieval battles. In the participants camps demonstrations of ancient crafts can be seen - weapons production, protective armaments, household items, decorations and jewery, kitchen, antique rituals, slaves and interesting games.

Participation will take clubs for historical restorations, reconstructors and craftsmen from all over the country.

These days the Tuida Fortress will become a time machine and together we will immerse in the ages of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.


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