Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

European Night of Scientists 2017

By the end of the 20th century, Europe had experienced a decline in scientific careers and a lack of popularity of the role of scientists and their work for the benefit of society.In response, the European Commission is creating the "Night of Scientists" initiative, which consists of events addressed to the general public in order to promote scientists as individuals to the general public; to recognize the positive impact of the work of scientists on society and to encourage young people to take up the challenge of scientific careers.
The events, part of the 2017 European Scientist's Night, will take place simultaneously on September 29, Friday, in over 250 cities across Europe and around the world. The initiative will include 11 Bulgarian cities.One of them is Sliven. The event is organized by the Tourist Information Center of the Municipality of Sliven, the Regional Museum of History - Sliven, Tuida Fortress and the National Museum of Textile Industry.
On September 29 from 17:00 to 19:00 at the Tuida Fortress will be held a scientific coffeehouse FRESH: Archeology - a word about the past or the excitement to be the discoverer.
What is to be an archaeologist? How do archeologists work? What tools and materials are they using? How do they recover excavated artifacts? How do they restore and preserve them? What are the difficulties, the joyful moments and the magic of the profession?
All these questions will be answered by the archaeologists from the Regional Museum of History - Sliven, who since 18.09.2017 have resumed the archaeological excavations of the fortress of Tuida. They will also tell interesting moments from the opening of the fortress years ago. They will also tell what valuable historical finds they have found there. Event guests can then join volunteers in the excavations and feel the thrill of the explorer.
The tour guide of Tuida will tell interesting facts about the history of the fortress - from the Thracians to the Middle Ages.
Parallel to the program of Tuida fortress at the Museum of Textile Industry will be held FRESH Laboratory: Textile and Science!
• Presentation of the books "Wolverine Tales Waved and Woven by My Grandmother's Grandmother", "The Wavelet Journey" and "The Wonderful Carpets from Kotel" and a meeting with their author, Dora Kurshumova
• The Children's Workshop "The Wonderful Carpet"
• Children Theater Company to "Art Center Seven"
• Exhibition "Dyeing by Nature - Traditions and Science" - open doors
• Permanent exposure - open doors
The events take place with the kind assistance of the Foundation Sliven Public Donors Fund.
If you could become a hero for a day ... or a night, who would you choose to be?
A scientist who will give the world a cure against incurable disease; a researcher who will tackle global warming; a genius mind that will solve problems with world hunger or dreamer that will make life in space possible not only for astronauts ...?
Do not miss the European Night of Scientists 2017! Find out what it's like to be a hero, rediscover science and its importance for society.
"The" FRESH "project for a European Research Night is funded by the European Commission for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions of the Horizon 2020 Program, the main objective being to improve the public understanding of science and the greater commitment of the scientific world to the problems of society .

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