Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”




Traditionally all museums in Sliven will take part together in celebrating the International Day and the European Museum Night. This year, the Regional Historical Museum "Dr. Simeon Tabakov" National Art Gallery "Dimitar Dobrovich", National Museum of the Textile Industry, Ancient and medieval fortress Tuida and Sliven’s Municipality will offer a joint and unforgettable adventure for young and old. There will be riddles and treasures, there will be science, inventions and works, there will be surprising leaders and challenges, there will be lotteries and awards .... In short, there will be a "unscientific" night of the museums. The activities of the program are aimed at young people and children in whose hands the cultural and historical heritage will remain and are related to the theme of the Museums as Cultural Centers: the Future of Tradition. Today, museums must be adequate today, and in order for children to want to be in the museum, we must do it in the light of their interests.
The celebrations will begin with an official opening, which will take place in the central city part of a specially designed scene for the event. The accent in the program will be the "Typical" stars who will announce the adventure game "Hunting for Art and Facts". Its terms include visiting all sites, performing challenges and collecting stamps. At the end of the game will be held lots for all who have collected a full set stamps.
In Tuida Fortress, visitors to get their stamp will go through a number of obstacles - searching for hidden objects, quizzes and many other surprises. 

Official opening: 17:00
Announcement of Adventure Game: 17:15
End of the game: 23:00
Towing raffle: 23:00 to 23:30 pm.
End of the event: 00:00.
Place of discovery: Regional Historical Museum "Dr. Simeon Tabakov" - Sliven
Organizers: Regional historical museum "Dr. Simeon Tabakov", Dimitar Dobrovich- National Art Gallery, National Museum of Textile Industry, Ancient and Medieval Fortress Tuida, and Municipality of Sliven.


In the days devoted to the International Museum Day, the fortress will host another great event - "Mountain Marathon - Sliven", organized by the Sports Club of Orientation "Blue Stones".



On 12-13 October  2019, the Fifth Medieval fair "Remember the Glory" will take place on the territory of the Tuida foretress. The format is one of the main activities of the site through which the destination is popularized and over the years The Medieval fair " Remember the Glory" recieved a 2016 year nomination in the "Read and Travel" magazine for events in the Cultural Tourism sector. The fair "Remember the Glory" is organized on the occasion of the celebration of Sliven- Dimitrovden, Municipality of Sliven and Tuida Fortress.

In both days, visitors will have the opportunity to observe combat demonstrations on the back of the horse, demonstrations of various weapons from land, clashes of heavily armed combatants and medieval battles. In the participants camps demonstrations of ancient crafts can be seen - weapons production, protective armaments, household items, decorations and jewery, kitchen, antique rituals, slaves and interesting games.

Participation will take clubs for historical restorations, reconstructors and craftsmen from all over the country.

These days the Tuida Fortress will become a time machine and together we will immerse in the ages of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.


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