Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”


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  Historic Park is a project for the presentation of unique cultural and historical values of world significance.

The splendor and grandeur of past societies and civilizations, gathered together in a way accessible to visitors.


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  The initiative "NATIONAL MOVEMENT - LOVE BULGARIA" aims to invite all compatriots to immerse themselves in the beauty of our country, to feel the glorious history of a great country, to enjoy its endless natural beauty, to recall the life and culture of our ancestors, as they travel through our country, visiting our tourist sites.

Twida Gardens - Complex

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  Unique gated residential complex situated in a quiet area at the foot of the Blue Stones. Tuida Gardens not only bears the name of the Ancient and Medieval Fortress of Tuida, an active partnership between the two sites to promote the activities shows the strong connection between the modern future and the glorious past! - Media partner

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New inspiration for travel! site for (not) ordinary travelers! Media Partners of Medieval Tuida Fortress.

Irrigation systems - Middle Tundzha Branch

Irrigation Systems AD - Meddle Tundzha Branch, a partner of Ancient Tuida in many activities in the field of maintenance and development of the site!




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