Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Evrobazar 2019

The team of Tuida Fortress took part in the fourth edition of Eurobasar 2019, organized by the European Information Center "Europe Direct - Sliven" with the support of the Municipality of Sliven. The event is dedicated to Europe Day, and is under the slogan: "Your voice is important to Europe".

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Easter comes!

For the upcoming Easter holidays Tuida Fortress will work without a day off between 09:00 and 18:00! On Easter peak - 28.04.2019 the object will be FREE FOR VISIT!
Happy Holidays!

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XXth edition of Folklore Festival "Spring Games and Customs - Tsvetnitsa"

At the invitation of the Municipality of Tvarditsa and the St. Cyril and St. Methodius 1914 National Cultural Center, on 21 April 2019, The team of Tuida Fortress will take part with demonstrations of crafts and attractions in the XXth edition of the Folklore Festival "Spring Games and Customs - Tsvetnica" in the town of Tvarditsa.


Seventeenth Tourist Exchange "Your Holiday" - Burgas 2019

On the 4th and 5th of April 2019 in the Exhibition Center "FLORA" in the city of Burgas was held the Seventeenth Tourist Exchange "Your Vacation". The event is organized by the Burgas Regional Tourism Association (BRTA) under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the District Governor of Burgas and Burgas Municipality.
The program of the stock exchange included a tourist exhibition - opportunities for municipalities and companies that present tourist sites and services in the sphere of tourism; tour operators and tour agents; hoteliers and restaurateurs; manufacturers and distributors of tourism products; advertising agencies; tourist associations; information centers; nature and national parks, reserves; school institutions; NGOs; cultural institutes and others to present their potential for development of tourism through advertising and information materials at an exhibition stand.
Sliven Municipality presented the diversity and opportunities for cultural tourism in the city and the region to future partners and clients. The campaign "Become a friend of Sliven" and all its cultural and historical landmarks as well as the forthcoming activities and initiatives envisaged for implementation in the Tourism Development Program for 2019 were popularized.

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Tourism Exhibition "HOLIDAYS AND SPA EXPO" Sofia 2019

Sliven Municipality presented its stand at the 36th edition of the Holiday Exhibition "HOLIDAYS AND SPA EXPO" Sofia 2019, along with more than 380 exhibitors from the country and abroad. In each of the days between February 14th and 16th, various aspects of the richness of the region were presented at the booth of the Municipality of Sliven, and footage and videos from our hometown were broadcast. The leadership of the Municipality was presented by Mr. Stoyan Markov, Deputy Mayor of Economic Development, who participated in a number of conferences, round tables and meetings in which he presented the new vision and concept of attracting tourists in Sliven as well as the future development projects of the municipality in the field of tourism and cultural heritage.
The first day of the exhibition was dedicated to the presentation of the cultural and historical past of Sliven and the introduction to the Tuida Fortress under the slogan: "Sliven, old and beautiful". The fortress team hosted the stand of the municipality during the exhibition.
The second day passed under the slogan: "Sliven - a cradle of Bulgarian industry and a revival". The focus was on crafts and technology and the introduction of the only one in the Balkans - the National Museum of Textile Industry - Sliven. He was presented by director Tony Dimitrova, who presented the opportunity to visit the museum and explained to the interested people the specifics of various textile techniques and ancient crafts such as textile printing, looping and weaving.
On the third day of the exhibition was in focus the Nature Park "Blue Stones" and the opportunities for alternative tourism in the municipality. A special place was dedicated to the sites of the campaign "Become a friend of Sliven", which caused a great interest among the visitors.
During the exhibition "HOLIDAYS AND SPA EXPO" 2019 were promoted the cultural and sports calendar of Sliven Municipality, as well as all places for accommodation, rest and good food in the city under the Blue Stones. The stand of the Sliven Municipality was one of the most wanted as thousands of people fascinated it, and the most frequently asked questions concerned the accommodation and the cultural calendar. Surprising prizes for visitors to Sliven at the tour were in the two games - "The Sliven Secrets" and "Likes the Side of Tweed Fortress on Facebook" which were held on the spot.
There were numerous meetings with tour operators and agencies organizing excursions across the country and we received inquiries about opportunities for child camps in the city. The team of the Tuida Fortress was highly praised by Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova, who visited the stand and noted that "Tuida Fortress" is among the "excellence" in the supply and development of museum tourist products.
During the exhibition we took the opportunity to apply for participation in the forthcoming tourism exhibition "Your Holiday - Bourgas 2019", which will be held in April.
At the exhibition Sliven was presented as a modern city with centuries-old history and a glorious past.

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