Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Light and fire performance for the Night of the museums

Tuida fortress marked the Night of the museums for second time. The motto of the this year's initiative was the Museums and the cultural landscapes".

This year (2016) "The night of the museums" was many emotional for our team because one year from the first event that we arranged was turned. The accountable task leaves Us to save the heritage left behind against our ancestors  we put clear aims to ourselves to convert Tuida in the most important site in department Sliven. Tuida fortress - place where the spirit of the past and the colors of the now meet in Sliven.

At Tuida fortress was held a concert of the folk formation "Öuthentic" - the ethno-jazz musical organization. Real audience pleasure was the participation of "Cirque De-La Ljulin" - controversial organization of four people whom they presented for the first time at Sliven`s stage circus flaming show "Palqchi". The actors showed classic and contemporary circus equipments representing the fire as part of our history on blend with game with fire, the fire as part from our cultural heritage.. They stayed on the stage up despite the pouring rain.

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