Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”


Tuida fortress for the first year took part in the events organized for the European Night of Scientists - 2017,with the "Science Cafe FRESH: Archeology - speech about the past or the excitement of being a discoverer". The event took place jointly with the Regional Museum of History - Sliven and Tourist Information Center of Sliven Municipality.
They say science is a systematized, credible knowledge that can be convincingly explained by logic.Modern philosophy defines science as knowledge that is experimentally verifiable on the basis of the scientific method.
On September 29, at the Night of Scientists, we experimented, explained, conquered, and proved that science could be interesting, fascinating, infinite, science infects, unites and creates unforgettable experiences.
Hundreds of visitors took part in the initiative held in the Tuida Fortress.Families with their children, teachers with their students, tour operators with their tourists and many young people made the first Night of the scientists in the fortress a memorable event, and despite the unfavorable weather conditions, they visited all open-air activities.
The "FRESH" project - (Find Researchers Everywhere and SHARE-FRESH)for the European Night of Scientists is funded by the European Commission on the Marie Skladovska-Curie Actions of the Program Horizon 2020.The aim of the project is to create a series of participations and media events to promote scientific careers aimed in particular at young people and their parents.Main night activities include presentations for engaging the public across the country with science, quizzes, science cafes, experiments, science shows, simulations, games and competitions. Thematic programs include food and nutrition, engineering, oceanology, innovation and business incubators, technology transfer, medicine, and more.
During the FRESH Scientific Cafe in Tuida Fortress, archaeologists from the Regional Museum of History - Sliven showed what it is like to be an archaeologist, how archeologists work, what tools and materials they use, how to restore excavated artifacts, how to restore and preserve them, , joyful moments and the magic of the profession.In front of the inquisitive audience, they also mentioned interesting moments from the fortress's discovery years ago, what valuable historical finds were discovered, and future research plans.
Guides and animators of Tweed had prepared a historic walk in the past of the fortress - from the Thracians to the Middle Ages. To fully experience historical moments, using the tools of experimental archeology, the team has enabled visitors to touch the rebuilding of our ancestors' weapons, clothing, and elements.
At the end of the event, guests completed surveys to evaluate the impact of the European Night of Scientists. The poll is a development of Forum Democritus, which is a partner of the FRESH Project.
And as we started and ended, science united us and proved that by working together we can turn Sliven into a beautiful European city with many opportunities for our children!

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