Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

May 18 anniversary of the National Lyceum "Hristo Botev-1897", Sliven

On May 18 on the Day of Museums, the National Lyceum "Hristo Botev -1897" Sliven  celebrated its anniversary.
The Lyceum "Hristo Botev 1897" was established on August 24, 1897. Its statute states that the main goal is to organize the educational work of workers and craftsmen in Sliven and the lyceum has a library.
A group for old city songs "Tender Memories" was formed by the famous Sliven musician Lyuben Nikolov. The group has won many awards from festivals.
There is a children's theater troupe and a group for artistic speech, as well as a chamber dance group. Every summer together with "Water House" they work on a special program for children from the neighborhood. A priority in the work of the lyceum is the inclusion of children from the minorities in the neighborhood.

A gala concert was held on the stage in Tuida Fortress, in which various performers taked a part.

The entrance for the event was free.

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