Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”


Where should we begin to tell you about the event dedicated to Todorovden? From the preparation that lasted months for participants and organizers?! From the word of mouth that took dozens of hours to write and post, send out information and spread word of mouth?! From setting the stage for what happened today?! Or from the welcoming of the thousands of visitors who came from different parts of Bulgaria to see and hear about the "Horses of the Bulgarians"?!
If a thing is only an idea, it will remain only an idea. But if the idea leads to a lot of work, desire and dedication from everyone involved, it becomes something wonderful.
First of all, we cannot fail to note the support and willingness of the Municipality of Sliven and the municipal leadership to stand behind each of our projects. It is not even doubted by them that the event is worth it and Sliven deserves it. The holiday was fully financed by the Municipality of Sliven. The maintenance of the site is carried out entirely by the Municipality of Sliven. And all activities are fully and solely supported by the Municipality of Sliven.
The participants - Dimitar Trukanov and his school "Madarski Konnik", Jasmin Parvanov and the Association for the Restoration and Preservation of Traditions "Avitokhol", Boris Borisov and the Horse Base "Borisovi", Milen Petrov and the School of Ancient Military Arts "Velichie", all these people made the celebration unforgettable and gave the audience a spine-tingling experience.
The horses – Mag, Kalin, Canas, Castro, Valcho, Zamina and the dog Leo brought tradition to life, recreated history and made the ground beneath our feet pulsate.
We would also like to pay attention to the students and teachers of the Vocational High School of Hospitality and Tourism "Acad. Nedelcho Nedelchev". No strings attached, no time to prepare, a week before the event we turned to them for help and they were there - smiling, ready to work, wonderful!
Finally, it's the audience's turn, that mesmerizing audience. That you were so many, that you brought your children, that your eyes shone means everything to us. It makes us feel satisfied with our work, that we are working in the right direction and that we will leave a mark. You inspire us, motivate us, encourage us to develop and do more and more.
We are a small team, but with a great desire to give more of ourselves and challenge ourselves. We accept Tuida as home, work as a mission, results achieved as a victory, and your grades as a gift. There are two new members in our united team today, for them it was their first appearance, their first work in the field and their first contact with the public. We congratulate them on the professionalism they have shown, even though they have just touched everything.
Follow us, talk about Tuida fortress, keep and share our events with friends. We promise it will be worth it!

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