Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

II tournament in traditional archery "Griffon", Sliven


On May 28, 2022 in the Tuida Fortress, Sliven will be held the II Tournament in traditional archery "Gryphon".

Organizers: KBI "Griffon" Sliven; Tuida Fortress - Sliven
Applications for participation: E-mail:; facebook: Anton Vandev
Deadline for receipt of applications: May 10, 2022 / after this date the participation fee is increased /
Technical conference: May 28, 2022, 9.30 am. Tuida Fortress, Sliven
Explanation of the disciplines, criteria and methodology of the tournament. The presence of at least one representative of the individual clubs is required. Sole shooters must also be present.

Age groups:

Children up to 12 years. ; / girls and boys together /

Children under 16; / girls and boys together /
Men / this group includes all males over 16 /
Women / this group includes all females over 16 years of age /
Note: The organizer reserves the right to change the groups depending on the applications for participation / with a sufficient number, the children will be divided into girls and boys /
The bow must have a reliable historical design. There are no restrictions in:
-the material from which the bow is made
-dimensions of the bow
-stretching force
-stretching length
- Triggers and sights are not allowed
- Only one knock point on the bowstring is allowed
-bows with a slot or boom holder are not allowed
- The arrows are made only of natural materials
- Plumage - only from natural feathers.
- All types of nails are allowed.
- arrowhead: only sporty, which does not make it difficult to remove the arrow from the target.
Necessary arrows - 10-12 pieces!

Individually and as a team
All shooters who meet the above requirements have the right to participate
- Shooting at an apple distance: 7 m.
- Shooting from a lying position / the athlete is lying on his back / distance: 15 m.
- Shooting from a sitting position / the competitor is sitting cross-legged / distance: 15 m.
- Equilibrium shooting / the athlete has stepped on a platform from which he must shoot while in equilibrium position distance: 15 m.
- Fast shooting behind cover distance: 15 m.
- Long-range shooting distance: 50 m.
- Shooting at a rotating target distance: 15 m.
- Shooting on rolling discs distance: 12 m.

IMPORTANT: Teams do not have to be formed by just one club or group. Free grouping is allowed!
The team consists of 5 competitors, and it is necessary to have at least one child and one woman in each team.
- Fast shooting distance: 15 m.
/ All team members shoot simultaneously / Time: 30 sec.
- Shooting in motion distance: 40 m.
/ the team starts from the starting position, which is located 40 m away from the goal. Each shooter is entitled to six shots in motion until he reaches an end point that is at a distance of 15 meters from the target. The distance between the starting and ending point is divided into six positions from which the shooting takes place. Moving from position to position is at the signal of the judge. An unfired arrow after the movement signal is fired from the next position.
- Relay shooting
/ Each of the participants is entitled to three shots. Archers shoot one after another. Hit from the first shot - 10 points, second - 5 points, third - 1 point. At the moment of hit immediately starts the next scorer of the team. Execution time also affects the evaluation. /
Super CHAMPION Men and women who ranked 1st to 3rd (incl.) Are eligible for this competition.
Competitors will compete in disciplines other than those described above.
Broadcast only 1st place! - Super champion
Hitting someone else's target is not reported!
Hit after a ricochet, not reported!
An arrow bounced off / did not pierce the target /, is not counted!
Upon receiving the same number of points for two or more participants, 6 shots are fired by the competitors with an equal number of points per target chosen by the judges, and the result of the last shot is not added to the total score, but only serves. to determine the ranking. If the result is again equal, the shooting for the elimination is repeated. In case of a repeated tie, a new target is assigned at a different distance.
Order of conduct: The order of participants included in the tournament is determined by lot!
Competitors cross the track in eight groups, shooting four competitors at a time / in two of the disciplines - two /. The points are marked according to the hits in the table / which is in the judge / and in the personal card for each participant. The shooter and the judge go to the appropriate target to collect the arrows and count the result together.
The final results are calculated and announced after the end of the competition and the passage of all participants.
Awards: Medals

Program May 28, 2022 / Saturday /

9.00 - 10.00 Registration of participants
9.30 - 10.00 Technical conference:
Clarification of the disciplines, criteria and methodology of the tournament. The scheme of passing through the individual disciplines. Divide groups by lot!
10.00 - 10.30 Preparation of the competitors. Crawl around the shooting range
10.30 am Start of the tournament INDIVIDUALLY
12.30 pm * Start of the TEAM COMPETITIONS
14.00 * Super champion
15.00 * Rewarding
In the absence of at least 4 competitors in a certain group, it is closed, and participants are given the right to transfer to another group. / children's groups /
Changes in the categories will be announced after all applications have been submitted.
The organizer reserves the right to make changes during the event.
* The indicated hours are indicative and subject to change depending on the number of competitors, weather conditions, etc.

Applications for participation: Registration:
Applications must be submitted electronically - deadline May 10, 2022:
- by e-mail, completed standard form
"Application for participation"
The participation fee is paid on the spot!
- Requested participation until May 10, 2022 - BGN 20.
- Requested participation after May 10, 2022 - BGN 25.
Accommodation: Those wishing to come the day before or stay the next day, can book a hotel or stay in a tent in the area of ​​the fortress.
Information: 0882433899 Anton Vandev / messenger: Anton Vandev
Important! The organizer reserves the right to change depending on weather conditions!

INFO: KBI "Griffon" Sliven

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