Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”


Late Antique and Medieval Fortress Tuida and VIP-Sliven Ltd (VIP-Sliven Ltd) ranked first 4 and one 5th place in a prestigious international competition.
Voting for the International Ecotourism Society (TIES) ended last week. After reviewing the submitted applications, the results obtained and the validity of the information, the final rankings in the individual categories were announced. Among 1000 candidates and over 100 destinations, Sliven won four first places and one fifth place. The contenders of the city under the Blue Stones were Fortress Tuida and tour operator VIP-Sliven Ltd. with its brand for incoming tourism The categories in which the Sliven nominations won are "Best Ecological Land Service Provider", "Best Eco-Museum", "Best Sustainable Tour Itinerary / Program", as well as the first place for Jury of VIP-Sliven Ltd. with the owner and manager of tour operator Hristo Yanev. Along with all the first places, the tour operator company VIP-Sliven Ltd. ranks in the top 5 in the most contested category of the competition "Best Eco-Friendly Company".
The awarding of the winners will take place on 28.07.2021. in Tokat - Turkey at the Official Gala Ceremony. The event will be attended by media representatives, travel bloggers, tour operators and over 3,000 tourism professionals from around the world. During the ceremony, those ranked in the TOP 3 will have the opportunity to present their destinations and will be awarded in platinum, gold and silver categories.
The International Ecotourism Association (TIES) is a non-profit organization that has been active since 1990 and is the largest such organization in the world. Mr. Hristo Yanev from tour operator VIP-Sliven Ltd. is the Destination Manager Bulgaria of the organization. For 30 years, TIES has been working to contribute to sustainable practices and raise the global awareness so necessary for ecotourism.
TIES focuses on marking global environmental destinations and supporting people and organizations that are responsible and sustainable in their practices towards our planet. The established principles of TIES for the conservation and conservation of all natural resources are widely recognized and used in nations around the world.
Sliven Municipality, Tuida Fortress and VIP-Sliven express their gratitude to all those who supported them in the competition!

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