Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

The taste and spirit of Sliven

On the days of the Vacation & SPA Expo 2024, the Municipality of Sliven presented "The Taste and Spirit of Sliven".
During the 40th anniversary edition of the forum, the team of specialists, representatives of the cultural institutes in the city of Sliven, presented the possibilities for different types of tourism in the region in front of hundreds of visitors and guests. Interest in the Sliven stand is also growing this year. What Sliven bet on in this edition is traditional foods and wines. The stand of the Municipality of Sliven was visited by all the Officials and guests of the Vacation & SPA Expo 2024. The Minister of Tourism Zaritsa Dinkova congratulated Eng. Stoyan Markov Zam. Mayor of the Municipality of Sliven for the good performance of our city. In order to get more information about Sliven, mayors and heads of tourism boards of municipalities from Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria asked their questions. Many representatives from academia also showed interest in the city's stand under the Blue Stones.
During the International Tourist Exhibition, the culinary show "On the Table" was held. The beginning was given by Uti Bachvarov and Martin Truhchev. The show aims to present the traditional cuisine of the regions that were presented at the exhibition. Bulgarian and foreign municipalities took part. Chefs Stambolov, Miller and Yankov evaluated the dishes and asked questions.
The municipality of Sliven took part in the culinary competition with several typical products from the Sliven region. These are: Slivenski milinki, Banitsa with glue, Banitsa "Maladoi", pumpkin rachel, samardala, peach marmalade and tarhana. Some of the products were prepared by teachers and students from the Polytechnic "Acad. Nedelcho Nedelchev" - Sliven. During the presentation of Sliven, the collections from the series "Delicious Journeys around the Sliven Region" with author Dora Kurshumova were presented. The host of the Sliven sofra was engineer Stoyan Markov - deputy. mayor of the Municipality of Sliven, and the feast was presented by Maya Ivanova - head of Tuida Fortress. The chefs highly rated the "taste" of Sliven and showed interest in the traditions of the Sliven region. They noted that the presentation of Sliven and the opportunities for gastronomic and cultural tourism are at the world level, but more support and advertising of the destination is needed. On the last day of the exhibition, at a special ceremony, the Municipality of Sliven received a Certificate for guardian of the authentic culinary tradition.

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Not a working day

On 10.06.2023 (Saturday) Tuida Fortress will be closed to visitors. Those wishing to visit the fortress can do it in the following days from 9:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.

May 13th, 2023

On May 13th 2023, Tuida Fortress will be open from 16:00 to 23:00 o'clock, because of the "European Night of Museums" and entrance will be free.

XVIII Tourist Exhibition "Weekend Tourism" and XV Festival of Tourist Entertainment and Animation

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Municipality of Sliven with its own stand at the 18th tourist exhibition "Weekend tourism" and participation of Tuida Fortress in the 15th Festival of tourist entertainment and animations in Ruse city.

In the period 11-13 May 2023 in Ruse city, the 18th tourist exhibition "Weekend tourism" and the 15th Festival of tourist entertainment and animations will be held. These are the most significant events in the field of tourism for the Danube region, contributing to the development of specialized forms of tourism and helping to overcome the seasonality of the tourist offer in the country.

The participation in the tourist exhibition and the festival give an opportunity to present the conditions and tourist resources in the Municipality of Sliven to the people of Ruse, tour operators and guests of the city.

The 18th Tourist Exhibition "Weekend Tourism" and the 15th Festival of Tourist Entertainment and Animations are organized by the Municipality of Ruse with the support of the Ministry of Tourism

Municipality of Sliven with a stand at the International Tourist Exhibition "Cultural Tourism", Veliko Tarnovo 2023


In this year's edition of the forum, which will be held from April 20 to 23, 2023 in the old capital city, the partners of the Municipality of Sliven are wine cellars from the region and the Directorate of the Blue Stones Nature Park.

The biggest cultural tourism exhibition in our country is organized with the cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism, Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agencies and Municipal Tourism Agency "Tsarevgrad Tarnov". The forum is hosted by the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo.

The stand of the municipality will be presented by the team of "Tuida" fortress, under the motto "Sliven - experience the history, feel the nature!". On it, along with the cultural and historical wealth of the area, visitors will also get to know the natural features, which are one of the main tourist resources for the city under the Blue Stones.
The highlight of the presentation will be the "Blue Stones" Nature Park and the opportunities for wine tourism along the Wine Route in the Sliven region, part of the Southern wine-growing region - Thracian Lowlands.
Our partners will provide wine barrels and wines for tasting, and PP "Sinite kamani" will make the stand attractive with a model of a vulture, with which visitors can take pictures and learn more about the biodiversity in the Park.
Unique views and tourist routes, exceptional biological diversity, clean air, bizarre rock formations, opportunities for mountain sports and a variety of wines and grape varieties - all this on the territory of the Sliven Balkans and fields!

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