Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

First for 2016 archery clinics at Tuida fortress

First for 2016 archery clinics at Tuida fortress, Sliven was held on the dates of 20-22.03.2016. Instructors were Cozmei Mihai (founder and instructor at "Living Arrow Horseback Archery") and Dimitar Trukanov (instructor at "Living Arrow Horseback Archery-Bulgaria" and Horse riding school "Madara Horseman")
This year the group of Club of medieval martial arts​-Ratina had recruits willing to absorb new knowledge from the source. On the first day of the clinics, the girls of "SIVA"- Maglij, were our guests. We`re glad they were our guests and that we had the chance to train together.

Participants had the opportunity to enjoy a series of events that began with great horse demonstrations marking St. Theodore`s day, through learning new techniques and consolidating the old knowledge of traditional archery, and finished on "First spring" day - 22.03. with a true celebration of colors and magical footage of some unique people - Dimitar Trukanov​ and Cozmei Mihai​. Thank you both for being our guests and teachers! See you soon again!
Today, 24.03.2016, the clinics continues in Sofia. For more info and booking, please contact Dimitar Trukanov at: 0889 868 850.

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