Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Rebel trails Marathon 2017

For a second consecutive year, Tuida Fortress met the "Rebel trails Marathon", which took place on 21.10.2017 year.
The winners of REBEL TRAILS MARATHON 2017 at 42.195km
1. Kiril Lyubenov Nikolov 3:57:15
2.Shaban Aliosman Mustafa 4:08:22
3. Ivaylo Nikolaev Atanasov 4:37:44

1. Tanya Dimitrova Dimitrova 5:42:25
2. Maya Tsvetkova Petrova 6:39:16
3. Galina Krasimirova Hristova 6:43:56

1. Petko Todorov Atanasov 6:14:33
2. Petar Georgiev Dimitrov 7:00:28
3. Lubomir Radoichov Palakarchev 7:51:51

1. Stefka Zhelyazkova Stoyanova 8:12:49
2. Daniela Dimitrova Hristova 8:25:29


1. Martin Georgiev Koinov 2:36
2. Nikolay Donchev Nikolov 2:59
3. Dimitar Aleksandrov Dimitrov 3:04

1. Nadezhda Sokolova Angelova 3:14
2. Yoanna Metodieva Madzharova 3:36
3. Valentina Metodieva Madzharova 3:59

1. Nikolay Dzhenkov Dzhenkov 3:08
2. Hristo Stoyanov Rainov 3:31
3. Emil Dinkov Georgiev 3:50

1. Mariana Lukova Ivanova 4:49
2. Asya Stankova Boncheva 5:55

“Rebel trails” is a unique marathon carried out at a historical place, part of Blue Rocks Nature Park, located in the eastern and most accessible part of the biggest Bulgarian mountain – Stara planina (Balkan Mountains). The trace passes a specific rocky massif with an alpine type relief defensed by 14 antique and medieval fortresses. Due to its key location this is the site where main road arteries have been passing the mountain since ancient times. On the other way, specificity of its relief: exposed rocky peaks and ridges, steep slopes and rocks, presence of lots of caves and waterfalls, makes the massif hardly accessible and preferred shelter for many rebels (haidouks) in the past. The marathon “Rebel trails” is unique having a trace entirely consisting of age-old paths once used by haidouks, which nowadays exist as touristic routes. The trace passes through or nearby all known but not well studied fortresses, having as a goal to popularize them. The marathon is organized in the last week of October, when winter is on the doorstep. This gives a unique opportunity for carrying it out in different weather conditions and with different difficulty level each year.
More than 200 participants of different ages participated in the marathon.
The beginning of the marathon started from "Old Elm", passed along the main street of the town of Sliven, after the bridge of "Rose garden" turned to the monument of Panayot Hitov and Ancient and Medieval fortress "Tuida".
At Tuida Fortress, participants in a 5km marathon were stamped and returned to Old Elm where they finished.
In addition to the individual participants in the marathon, employees from different companies in the city could be seen: Topmyx, Doris Travel Agency, Water Supply and Sewerage - Sliven and others. Along with the companies in different spheres, students took part in the marathon with their coach from "Sport Club of Acrobatics - Stefan Danchev" - Sliven.
The participants in the 21km and 42km trails after crossing the Tuida Fortress had to reach the Kolarska Polyana to descend along the Petkova trail to reach the Lower Lift Station parking lot and then to climb the hiking trail for the rock phenomenon "Ring". From there, the track continued along the famous Haiduk trail and the marathons had to reach Karandila Hotel, along the bridge of the barracks to cross the "Karandila Lake" and to descend to the Mollova Forest area. Then climb to the peak of "Peschenik", passing along the "Haiduk cave", then to descend to the "Karandila Oven" The final for the marathons at a distance of 21km was at "Karandila Oven".
After passing the "Karandila Oven" the participants along the 42km trail continued along the Karandila hut, the Gulаbarnika, the Upper lift station to the peak of the Little Chatalka, from there to the peak "Golyama Chatalka", "The White Kainatsi", "Mala planina" , "Mochurite" peak, "Bulgarka" peak, Kutelka, then descend to the fortress "Marineno gradishte", "Gagovets", "Alley of health" again to the town, passing the monument of Panayot Hitov, , the main street of Sliven and the finishing of "Old Elm".
The total altitude, which had to overcome the marathons, was 2500m.
The organizer of the event is the Old Elm Foundation

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