Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Charity concert in support of Stoyan Stoyanov

On 08.06.2023 at 19:00, a charity concert in support of Stoyan Stoyanov was held on the stage of the Tweed Fortress. In addition to all those present who supported Stoyan, the following took part in the initiative:
• Ivan Edrev and Iliana Rossi Ivanova - presenters
• Ensemble for folk songs and dances - city of Sliven, led by Diyan Mitev
• Dencho Stoyanov – bagpipe player, 9th grade student at the Philip Kutev Music School, Kotel
• TC "RITMO" at the "Probuda- 1938" PN, Panaretovtsi village, headed by Ivan Valchev
• TC "Pastra Roenitsa" at the "Iskra-1929" PN, Krushare village, with manager Stajko Stajkov
• "Traki" orchestra, conducted by Georgi Denchev
• soloist Kamelia Zheleva and Ivan Kanev – bagpipes
• FTC "Detelini" at the "Prosveta -1929" school in the village of Mechkarevo, headed by Marineta Kirova.
• TF "Veliko Syarov" to the "Svetlina 1926" school in the village of Seliminovo.
• Folkloric dance formation "Mladovo" at the "Hristo Botev 1929" Primary School in the village of Mladovo with Tanya Tihova as the leader.
• Tatyana Veleva – The element of fire and the magic of dance.
• Nyagoleta Zheleva - performer from the voice of Bulgaria
• Municipality of Sliven and the Team of the Tuida fortress
• Dimitar Bonev - manager of Deva complex
• Company Bio Nuts 2021 EOOD
• Party agency Almira
We thank everyone sympathetic to the cause, and we wish Stoyan Stoyanov a trouble-free and speedy recovery from the bottom of our hearts!

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