Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

VII Medieval festival "Remember the glory - Tuida 2023"

A medieval assembly "Remember the glory" is over, but it will forever remain in our memories. An experience we went through together. We laughed, we cried, we were proud, we remembered together.
For us, it was a challenge that we set ourselves, but without the support of many people we could not have done it. First of all, the Municipality of Sliven stood behind the idea 100%. We said we want more participants, we want a richer evening program, we want more than anything, and the Management of the Sliven Municipality replied "DO IT". Without such a strong and supportive ally in our ideas, Tuida would not be what it is today.
There is no need to describe the merits of the participants in the event, it is obvious that everyone gives more than desired. The charge that each of them carries is inexhaustible and contagious. The rating they gave us means a lot to us. We deliver exactly the words we heard "Best event of the year", "Excellent organization", "Wonderful festival" and more…
The participants in the evening program, we want to mention each of them by name - Bulgarian School of Ancient Military Arts "Velichie", NFA "Bulgare" Fire and light show "Paljachi", LASER SHOWS - Bulgaria, they all made us cringe, cry, to admire and feel proud of being Bulgarian.
We have always said of our audience that they are great, but in the days of the Remember the Glory Medieval Council you were amazing, searching, inquisitive, supportive, grateful, responsive. You deserve all the effort we put into surprising you.
To those who took care of our food, a huge "THANK YOU", everything was up to par and with the required quality and speed of service.
Last but not least, we express our admiration and admiration for everyone who helped us in the event:
Association "Material art club- Ratina" - co-organizer of the event; Club of battle arts "Griffon" - organizer of the archery tournament; Zhivko Lazarov - conducting archery with the audience; Milen Petrov – our amazing host; Pierre Leonard – organizer of the fighting tournament; Hotel Mechta, Hotel Atlantic, Hotel Brilliantin, Hotel Gorski kut, Hotel Credo, Student dormitories - the accommodation places that sheltered our participants; SNC " The dawn of Tuida" - sponsor of horse demonstrations; Anton Dechev – photographer of the event; Kurti Karagenov – provided the straw bales for the event; Irrigation systems Middle Tundzha branch - provided wood for the event; Manuela Vasileva - calligrapher"; Municipal enterprise "Landscaping and cemetery parks" - site maintenance; Svetomir Minchev - translations; M-art EOOD - production of the medals, certificates and advertising materials for the event; "Albatross" company - provided the ropes for the fences.

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More photos of the festival you can see in Infotourism Sliven


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