Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

175 years of primary school "Dr. Petar Beron", Zhelyu Voyvoda village!

Team of Tuida Fortress joined in the festive program to celebrate 175 years since the foundation of the school "Dr Petar Beron" Zhelyu Voyvoda village. Today, 16.03.2017 we were greeted as dear guests. The children were waiting us with impatience, curiosity and smiles.
Primary School "Dr Petar Beron" was founded in 1848. Since March 1974 is housed in a modern three-storey building with a gymnasium, rooms for chemistry, physics and biology.
On occasion, our team familiarize students from first to seventh grade history of Fortress Tuida. Demonstrations of weapons, clothing and household items caused inquisitive questions, applause and smiles. Buzzard Draco also was a part of the presentation and vigilantly watched the festive program.
Tuida Fortress wishes of the teachers of the school "Dr Petar Beron" to continue to keep the flame of knowledge and of children - excellent evaluations and happy childhood!

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