Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Tuida fortress opened doors for a group of delegates by project Erasmus +

Tuida fortress opened doors for a group of delegates, representing from Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria. The group is composed of children and teachers involved in the European project Erasmus + "No to discrimination and social exclusion on 2016-2018". The visit of "Tuida" is part of a program prepared on the occasion the stay of the participants in city Sliven.
The overall objective of the project is to fight with unhealthy mentality, with disrespect and intolerance against certain groups of people by raising awareness of the dire consequences of this behavior, for the development of the human being and usage of the speech in the fight against hatred in school.
Each of the 5 countries project partners will be host of workshops and various activities aimed at:
• Promoting intercultural dialogue
• Reduction of violence, school dropout and inequality by promoting the values of tolerance, acceptance of otherness and intercultural respect
• Participation of students in multicultural teams
• Improving the quality of the relationship between students from different cultural backgrounds to develop their social and communication skills
• Encourage the learning of different languages and cultures of the European space.

All project activities - theoretical and practical will be included in a brochure that will represent valuable input and will be distributed among schools in the region and our countries.
Hosts and coordinators of the project are "Hristo Botev" school - Sliven, Bulgaria.
For the visit of the group in Fortress Tuida was developed and conducted a special program related to the project results. To participants were presented diversified lectures about the history of the fortress, traditions, customs, demonstrations of crafts and other elements from the Bulgarians life. Special interest was to medieval games that the team of fortress occupied the children during the time for recreation. It was made exposure of products associated with the spring holidays - mummer's masks, martenitsi and etc. After lunch provided were organized workshops for making martenitsa. All of the participants listened with interest the legends of red and white thread and worked martenitsi who will bring at home.

"We hope our guests today to keep a sunny memory of Tuida fortress and Sliven in their hearts!" , says Maya Ivanova - head of the fortress. 

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