Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Тaking of first witnessеs from Tuida

On 29.04. 2017 was held an unusual adventure - Taking of first witnesses from Tuida! Thank you for trusting our team and we were part of your special day!

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Opening of ennobled playground for kids in the quarter Druzhba

And I was there, jumping and laughing ... The games have existed since ancient times, and today. Kids grow up playing, learn through games, develop, communicate. Let's do more places where our children smile. On March 22nd 2017 the team of Fortress Tuida was a guest at the official opening of cultivated areas for game and a basketball court.Together with the children we showed to adults how games on grandparents can be fun today! We thank the organizers and the children who made this First spring special and smiling! See you soon!

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Mummer mask
For making Mummer masks from different regions of Bulgaria



Mummer traditions in our country originate from more than 8000 years. An old tradition between Meat and Sirni Sunday before Lent in Eastern Bulgaria and between Christmas and Epiphany in western Bulgaria are held mummers.

In different parts of the country mummers are called Chaush, babugeri, stanichari, elders, Surat or dzhamalari dancing to scare evil, to banish the cold and performed ritual acts, such as plowing, sowing and others.
Surva custom belongs to the winter celibatarian masquerade games and is associated with the change of the old and the new year, approaching awakening of nature. Traditionally Shrove large and small dress like "old" scarly and other characters from the popular epic (grandmother, grandfather, bride, king, etc.). The masks that bear shaped like the heads of strange beings and animals with scary faces and protruding teeth, horns, tails, beaks clacking or with complex structures made of feathers of poultry on a wooden skeleton. At the end of the day mummers gather in the square and the sound of bells play for health and prosperity.
These traditions and rituals involve young to experience things stored identity of peoples for centuries.
The competition was held on the occasion of ritual SURVA and accompanying Masquerade Games in Bulgaria.
Manufactured and delivered masks are rated in three categories according to the age of the children.

I. Categories of children 3 to 6 years
II. Category for children from grade 1 to grade 5
III. Category for children from 6th grade to 12th grade
Evaluation Criteria: The obtained masks were evaluated based on: force the message of traditions and crafts, creativity.
Materials that could be used in the production of masks: cardboard, yarn, leather, wool, fabrics, beads, horn, feathers, leaves and others. There are no specific requirements for the materials. Will accept different types of materials and masks.
Each of the masks contained the following information:

Three names, grade or years, school and phone number.
Each mask, which does not have these data will not take part in the contest !!!
The deadline to prepare and submit the works was from 25.01 to 23.02.2017g.
You can leave their masks at the information center of the fortress Tuida from Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00h.
The winners were announced on 25.02.2017g. the site and Facebook page of the fortress, and the prizes were awarded to 26.02.2017g. 11:00h. Tuida fortress in a specially prepared exhibition!


Midwifes Day of Tuida!

The first historical workshop for 2017 of 21.01 was dedicated to the celebration and ritual of Midwifes Day. The feast of the midwife that time was the main help young mothers and helped the coming of the white world of babies.
Participants in the historic workshop produced a unique postcards from different seeds, symbols of fertility and health with which to greet their beloved grandmothers for the holiday.

Second fair-festival "Remember the Glory

On October 22- 23. 2016 year in fortress Tuida was held Second medieval fair "Remember the glory" on the occasion of the feast of Sliven - St. Dimitar.

Visitors to the fortress were watching demonstrations of Medieval Martial Arts - traditional archery from horseback and on land, and medieval battle.The medieval combat  was divided into several stages: The circle of honor, The circle of traitors, Bridge Fight and The big battle.

Falconry as an ancient craft was represented by Martin Petrov – animator in Fortress Tuida by means demonstrations with  Drako - Harris's Hawk.

Moreover demonstrations of  Tuida for the first time was conducted  tournaments on traditional east (Tibetan) archery and medieval fencing.I-st place in the tournament on archery won Martin Petrov - animator in Fortress Tuida and member of the club Ratina ; II-nd place won Emil Dimitrov, member of the club Ratina and  III-th place ranked representative of the Association "White Eagle" - Republic of Serbia.

In the medieval tournament on fencing the first two places were won by Rental Battalion "Baradj"and the third place won Borislav Nikolov from the Association "Chigot" Varna.

Presented were medieval camp participants - reconstructions of camp tents, nomadic yurt, clothing, weapons and medieval customs, and crafts. Participated clubs for historicalreenactments, reconstructor and craftsmen from country and abroad.

Thanks to all for accepting our invitation and participated in the Medieval Fair "Remember the glory!" Together with you we were able to give a memorable celebration of people from Sliven and guests!

Team-building of Irrigation systems!

On 26.09.2016. on the territory of Tuida Fortress was held a team-building for employees of Irrigation systems - Central Branch Municipality. Day full of emotions and good mood. They were provided entertainment and testing for all ages. Thank you for trusting us! We will expect you again!

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European Days of Heritage

European Heritage Days were held in the Tuida fortress in the period 15 to 18 September. In those days they were organized various events - demonstrations, lectures, discussions.
This year's theme of the European Heritage Days in Bulgaria was "Cultural Heritage in the Information Society".
For the 4 holidays, the entrance to the fortress was free and the team of the fortress had prepared a varied program.
Hundreds of visitors took the opportunity to participate in camps throughout workshops and participated in discussions on various topics. The greatest interest was the topic "The Road to wool."
The last day of the European initiative was devoted to the study of public opinion and recommendations for the future development of the site. Every visitor was given a questionnaire made specifically for discussion. Parallel research was conducted online and on the pages of the fortress on social networks.

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‘Summer Event-2016’ at Tuida fortress

The fourth annual festival ‘Summer Event’ was held on the 2nd and 3rd of July at Tuida fortress, Sliven. 
The organizers of the event are ‘Dream of Love, Flowers and Space’ in partnership with the Municipality of Sliven. During the two festival days were presented different entertainments and attractions at ‘Tuida’ fortress.

The visitors had the opportunity to take part in the ‘Traditional Bulgarian Archery’ and got familiar with the history of the fortress. At the evening there was a concert of different bands from the country and abroad.

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Team-building activities at Tuida fortress!

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Team-building program including craft workshops, medieval games, demonstrations of medieval martial arts, folklore and light and fire show was held on 18.06.2016. behind the walls of Tuida fortress.
We celebrated "25 years - AFA Ltd." with full of diverse activities program. Company employees spent a day at Tuida and saw and participated in the celebration organized for them by the team of the castle and Irina Lyutskanova. It was a wonderful holiday!


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