Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

‘Summer Event-2016’ at Tuida fortress

The fourth annual festival ‘Summer Event’ was held on the 2nd and 3rd of July at Tuida fortress, Sliven. 
The organizers of the event are ‘Dream of Love, Flowers and Space’ in partnership with the Municipality of Sliven. During the two festival days were presented different entertainments and attractions at ‘Tuida’ fortress.

The visitors had the opportunity to take part in the ‘Traditional Bulgarian Archery’ and got familiar with the history of the fortress. At the evening there was a concert of different bands from the country and abroad.

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Team-building activities at Tuida fortress!

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Team-building program including craft workshops, medieval games, demonstrations of medieval martial arts, folklore and light and fire show was held on 18.06.2016. behind the walls of Tuida fortress.
We celebrated "25 years - AFA Ltd." with full of diverse activities program. Company employees spent a day at Tuida and saw and participated in the celebration organized for them by the team of the castle and Irina Lyutskanova. It was a wonderful holiday!


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Light and fire performance for the Night of the museums

Tuida fortress marked the Night of the museums for second time. The motto of the this year's initiative was the Museums and the cultural landscapes".

This year (2016) "The night of the museums" was many emotional for our team because one year from the first event that we arranged was turned. The accountable task leaves Us to save the heritage left behind against our ancestors  we put clear aims to ourselves to convert Tuida in the most important site in department Sliven. Tuida fortress - place where the spirit of the past and the colors of the now meet in Sliven.

At Tuida fortress was held a concert of the folk formation "Öuthentic" - the ethno-jazz musical organization. Real audience pleasure was the participation of "Cirque De-La Ljulin" - controversial organization of four people whom they presented for the first time at Sliven`s stage circus flaming show "Palqchi". The actors showed classic and contemporary circus equipments representing the fire as part of our history on blend with game with fire, the fire as part from our cultural heritage.. They stayed on the stage up despite the pouring rain.

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First for 2016 archery clinics at Tuida fortress

First for 2016 archery clinics at Tuida fortress, Sliven was held on the dates of 20-22.03.2016. Instructors were Cozmei Mihai (founder and instructor at "Living Arrow Horseback Archery") and Dimitar Trukanov (instructor at "Living Arrow Horseback Archery-Bulgaria" and Horse riding school "Madara Horseman")
This year the group of Club of medieval martial arts​-Ratina had recruits willing to absorb new knowledge from the source. On the first day of the clinics, the girls of "SIVA"- Maglij, were our guests. We`re glad they were our guests and that we had the chance to train together.

Participants had the opportunity to enjoy a series of events that began with great horse demonstrations marking St. Theodore`s day, through learning new techniques and consolidating the old knowledge of traditional archery, and finished on "First spring" day - 22.03. with a true celebration of colors and magical footage of some unique people - Dimitar Trukanov​ and Cozmei Mihai​. Thank you both for being our guests and teachers! See you soon again!
Today, 24.03.2016, the clinics continues in Sofia. For more info and booking, please contact Dimitar Trukanov at: 0889 868 850.

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First archery clinics in Sliven

The first traditional archery seminar was held on the 30th of November and on the 1st of December, 2015 at Tuida fortress, Sliven.  It was led by the World champion of Traditional Horseback Archery, Korea, 2014 - Mihai Cozmei and organized by Dimitar Trukanov – the founder of "Madara Horseman" school /Horseriding school "Madara horseman" and "Living Arrow Horseback Archery- Bulgaria/. Thanks to thearchery teachersfor the outstanding patience that was given and the opportunity of work and practice together.It was just a wonderful experience.

We are looking forward to see you soon.

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Gathering festival "Celebrate With Your City!

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Gathering festival ‘Celebrate With Your City!’

On the occasion of Sliven city celebration - Dimitrovden, the Municipality of Sliven, ‘Tuida’ fortress team, The Association Club of Medieval Martial Arts ‘Ratina’ and Youth House organized a gathering festival ‘Celebrate With Your City!’

On the 26th of October, at 11:00 a.m., a grand ceremony and an ANPT concert with the participation of the folk singer Zhechka Slaninkova was held in front of the monument of Hadji Dimitur.

During the whole day from 10:00 to18:00 there were entertainments and attractions at ‘Tuida’ fortress.

Entrance to the fortress was free of charge for the citizens and quests of Sliven on Dimtrovden celebration.

Hundreds celebrated with us the holiday at ‘Tuida’ fortress archway. 

Everybody enjoyed the various martial practices, different weapons handling, horse riding, demonstrations with Buzzard Harris and demonstration of crafts and archery.

The medieval camp was including an yurt, a tent and typical handcrafts which represented the medieval Bulgarian lifestyle and culture.

Everyone was given the opportunity to enter and have a look at the yurt interior and closely watch how the craftsmen work.


Participants of the festival ‘Celebrate with your city and remember the glory!’

Club Medieval Martial Arts Ratina’ association - Sliven

Association of recovery and preservation of Bulgarian traditions ‘Avitohol’ Varna

Medieval Park Markeli’– Karnobat

Nadejda Nikolova and Emil Marinov - NDTradition- branch Shumen

Nina Yankova, Diyana Valchanova and Milena Arabadjieva - Stara Zagora

PGTO ‘D. Zelyazkov’ - Sliven

PGHTAcad. Nedelcho Nedelchev’ - Sliven


Atanas Dekov - woodcarving, fretwork, Kotel

Valentin Dimitrov – pottery, Elena

Nelli Yaneva – jeweller, Sliven

Bread House "Bread and Wine’, Sliven

Youth House, Sliven

Puppet Theatre, Sliven

Social Boarding School – Hristo Botev – pottery/ceramic, Dragodanovo

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Joe Lynn Turner`s concert at Tuida fortress

The American hard rock star Joe Lynn Turner had a concert on September 19th 2015, at "Tuida" fortress, Sliven.

The rock concert started at 19:30 h. with performance of the Nikola Kotsev’s "Kikimoraband that provided the star`s participation in Bulgaria. 

Rock songs of all times were heard and at the end of the concert the fans had the opportunity to enjoy the great fireworks show.

Тhousands of fans from all over the country, gathered behind the walls of the Tuida fortress to see in live, the performance of their idol - Joe Lynn Turner. The concert continued over 3 hours and ended with fireworks on the sound of the track "Burn". The team of the Sliven Municipality and Tuida fortress did a great job with the organization of the concert. 

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 Looking forward to new events!

Charity concert for "Tuida"

KrasimirAvramovs charity concert was held at the fortress of “Tuida”, on the 1st of August 2015. Special guests and participants in the concert were the folk singer Yanka Rupkina and ballet "Veda Junior." The show ended with a spectacular fireworks.

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Festival “Summer Event – Karandila”

The fortress “Tuida” took place in the third annual festival “Summer Event – Karandila” – Sliven on the 27th of June, 2015 year.

During the day lots of archeries were shown by our colleagues with the special participation of the archery instructor.

The visitors had the opportunity to take part in the “Traditional Bulgarian Archery” and got familiar with the history of the fortress.

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