Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

International tourist exhibition "Holiday and Spa Expo" 2023

Under the motto "Sliven - experience the history, feel the nature", the stand of the Municipality welcomes visitors to the 39th edition of the International Tourist Exhibition "Vacation and SPA Expo", Sofia. The country's most prestigious exhibition was held in the period February 15 - 17, 2023, at the Inter Expo Center and was organized by Prim Expo, in partnership with Urbo Studio, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria.

A team of representatives of the cultural institutions in the city - Dr. Simeon Tabakov Regional History Museum, Dimitar Dobrovich Art Gallery and Tuida Fortress presented Sliven as a tourist destination with an emphasis on the rich cultural, historical and natural heritage and opportunities for experiences in the region . The stand of the Municipality was among the most attractive and most visited at the exhibition.

The Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Stoyan Markov, welcomed the official guests who visited the Sliven stand. These were H.E. Gazi Hamed Alfadli - Ambassador of Kuwait to Bulgaria, Dr. Ilin Dimitrov - Minister of Tourism, Plamen Slavov - Deputy. Minister of Culture and Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova - Mayor of Sofia Municipality, who gave a positive assessment of the Municipality's efforts for the development of tourism in the region.

Participation in the tourist forum is financed by the Tourism Development Program of the Municipality of Sliven.

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"Mountain Marathon-Sliven" 2023

The first Pedestrian Mountain Marathon was held on 26.10.2000 at the idea of Dinko Tomov, as a stage of a chain of MOUNTAIN MARATHONS. The stages are in Stara Zagora (Maglizh), Veliko Tarnovo and Sliven city. Since then, "Mountain Marathon - Sliven" has been held every year. This year, the marathon was held on May 7, 2023 at Tuida Fortress. Participants from all over the country competed in two disciplines - 9 km. and 32 km. Like every year the organizers of Sports Orienteering Club "Blue Stones" showed exceptional organization and professionalism. Mountain Marathon-Sliven

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A memorable concert performance "Ennio Morricone - the cinema in notes" was presented on 18.08.2022 on the stage of Tuida fortress in city Sliven. Scriptwriter is Yulia Manukyan, soloist - soprano Maria Tsvetkova - Madzharova, maestro and orchestrations Levon Manukyan.
During the concert performance, footage from Hollywood productions and famous examples of European cinema were broadcast on a multimedia screen, with the selected film moments synchronized with the soundtrack from the corresponding work of the Seventh Art.
Ennio Morricone is known as the most prolific composer of film music. In the tribute concert, the audience could hear some of his most popular works such as "Once Upon a Time in America", "Once Upon a Time in the West", "The Mission", "The Hateful Eight", "Cinema Paradiso", "The Sicilian Clan", "The Professional", "Octopus" and others.

The comedy theater "Wedding with a delay" again in Sliven

On 11.08.2022 once again under the sky of Tuida fortress in Sliven, the incredible actors - Maya Bezhanska, Filip Avramov, Tony Minasyan, Iliyana Lazarova and Hristina Jurova presented the "explosive" comedy "Wedding with a delay".
An hour and a half filled with tangled situations, surprising and unexpected twists, and deafening laughter.

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"Rock under the Blue Stones"! Charity concert in memory of Ventsi and Dimo

On August 5, 2022, a charity concert was held in memory of Vencislav Vasilev - Ventsi from the group "New Revolution" and Dimo ​​Stoyanov from the group P.I.F.! The musicians from the Dynamic Project, Ventsi's students and, of course, Nova Revolution! Niketsa and Vladi Mihailov supported the cause by being the "voice" of the P.I.F.
The funds collected from the concert are for the purchase of equipment for a music school in Sliven for young talents.

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Bay Rock

On 25.07.2022 from 21:00 on the stage of the Tuida Fortress for the second time, the group Ginger took to the stage, with the concert-spectacle Bay Rock. Laughter was guaranteed.
"Bay Rock" is the long-awaited continuation of the music-theatre show "God Rock" and its phenomenal frontman Filip Avramov in an explosion of completely original pieces and folk motifs with rock arrangements!
Based on the idea and text of Philip Avramov
Music and lyrics group "Ginger"
Participants: Filip Avramov, Kalin Velov, Milen Kukosharov, Tsvetan Andreev and Mariyana Dobreva-Veleva
Producer: Feri Art

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The comedy Poor France - again in Sliven

On July 10, 2022 from 8:30 p.m. in the Tuida Fortress, the comedy "POOR FRANCE" was hosted again, with over 300 performances!
Participants: Alexander Kadiev, Alexander Doinov, Fahradin Fahradinov, Katerina Evro, Anelia Lutsinova
"One misty autumn Parisian morning, to the sound of an old French accordion, the noise of the Seine river and the smell of freshly baked croissants, the brakes of a taxi screeching...Victor Tabouret, a merchant from the French city of Limoges, arrives in Paris to visit his son Michel Tabouret to his lodgings to tell him that his mother has run away with his uncle to the Alps. Mr. Tabure's only hope is to get understanding from his son. But instead of Victor's understanding, he is about to receive another surprise in his life - the news that his son is homosexual, and Victor's acquaintance with Michel's "girlfriend" - the charming José Pilet - makes this moment dramatic for the characters and doubly comical for the audience.
A comedy loaded with lots of laughs... a comedy about the clash of generations, sexual orientation, values, ideals and love, love in different forms and dimensions"

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Group B.T.R with a concert in Sliven

On July 5, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. on the scene of Tuida Fortress, for the first time came the emblematic for several generations group B.T.R. They presented their new album - "Puzzle" to the audience in Sliven, after its official premiere in Hall No. 1 of the NDK. In the more than two-hour concert, in addition to the new songs, many of the hits created over the years were also played. Special guests and warm-up band were the girls from the trio "Viva". The concert in the city of Sliven was part of the summer tour of the group B.T.R.

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Participation in the II International Medieval Festival "New Beginning"

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In the period June 17 - 19, 2022, the team of the Tuida Fortress of the Municipality of Sliven took part in the second International Medieval Festival "NEW BEGINNING". The event took place near the Historical Park, Neofit Rilski village, on the occasion of the third anniversary of the Park's creation. It featured reenactment groups and free reenactors from Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Normandy and Hungary with over 150 participants!

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During the two festival days, the fortress team advertises the programs and services offered at the site. In addition, he introduced the audience to the imagination, clothing, ancient crafts and games, life and military work of the Bulgarians from the period of the Early Middle Ages. There were interactions with the visitors and especially with the children, who with great desire embarked on exploring the games, and also of interest was the exhibited caravan dwelling - Yurt. Anyone interested could take a picture and listen to a talk about the construction and its arrangement.

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The Hosts Historical Park and Academy "Velichie" had planned a number of tournaments and demonstrations during the event: equestrian demonstrations and an equestrian archery competition; medieval fencing tournament and clashes between "armies" and individual warriors; struggles; traditional archery tournament, in which a representative of our team took part and ranked 4th among women among 15 participants and a rich stage program.

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II Traditional Archery Tournament

On May 28, 2022, the II "Griffon" Traditional Archery Tournament was held in Tuida Fortress, Sliven!

Organizers of the event were KBI "Griffon", town of Sliven, and hosts-  Fortress Tuida, Sliven
Clubs and individual participants from all over the country took part in the competition, competing in the following disciplines:
- Apple shooting distance: 7 m.
- Shooting from a prone position / the competitor is lying on his back / distance: 15 m.
- Shooting from a sitting position / competitor is seated with crossed legs / distance: 15 m.
- Balance shooting / the competitor has stepped on a platform from which he must shoot while in a balanced position distance: 15 m.
- Rapid fire behind cover distance: 15 m.
- Long shooting distance: 50 m.
- Shooting at a rotating target distance: 15 m.
- Shooting at rolling discs distance: 12 m.

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The conditions for the team competitions were that the team should consist of 5 competitors and that each team must have at least one child and one woman. Disciplines:
- Rapid fire distance: 15 m.
/ All team members shoot at the same time / Time: 30 sec.
- Shooting on the move distance: 40 m.
/ the team starts from a starting position that is 40 m away from the goal. Each shooter has the right to six shots on the move until he reaches the end point, which is 15 m from the target. The distance between the start and end point is graphed in six positions from which the shooting takes place. Movement from position to position takes place at the signal of the referee. An unfired arrow after the go signal is released from the next position.

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- Relay shooting
Each participant has the right to three shots. The shooters shoot one after the other. At the moment of a hit, the next shooter from the team immediately starts. Lead time also affects the rating.

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Super CHAMPION Cup: Men, women and children competed in this competition. Here are the top three finishers from each group (men, women and children)

Men: 1st place: Iliyan Stanchev - Academy "Velichie"                           Women: 1st place: Nina Yankova - Academy "Velichie"

2nd place: Nikolay Gospodinov - "Metal Archery"                                                2nd place: Nadia Tsoneva - SK "Gabarit"

3rd place: Dimitar Daskalov - SK "Gabarit"                                                          3rd place: Diana Veleva - individual

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Children:   1st place: Nikalas Georgiev - KBI "Griffon"                             Super CHAMPION: 1st place: N. Gospodinov - Metal Archery

                2nd place: Lesi Mihailova - KBI "Griffon"                                                            2nd place: Iliyan Stanchev - Academy "Velichie"

                3rd place: Maria Daskalova - SC "Gabarit"                                                         3rd place: Dimitar Daskalov - SC "Gabarit"

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