Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Team Tuida in Plovdiv!

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Last week, on September 17-19, 2021, the team of Tuida Fortress took part in the festival "Plovdiv - ancient and eternal: history, ethnology, culture and art". The event took place in Lauta Park, where restorers and reconstructors from the country and abroad met, in compliance with anti-epidemic measures.

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The festival began with a parade along the city's main street, from Central Square to the Roman Stadium, where some participants demonstrated ancient rituals, gladiatorial battles, historical medieval battles, dance and music performances.

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During the rest of the festival days, in Lauta Park, the audience had the opportunity to observe the camps of the participants, which were divided into three zones: "Antiquity", "Early Middle Ages" and "Late Middle Ages". In a special place, the participants presented their groups and activities - ancient and medieval crafts, cuisine, games, life and culture; horse demonstrations; presentation of clothing, equipment and armaments through the ages, military skills and formation of the armies, etc.

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Through interesting, short performances, moments from the everyday life of the people in Antiquity and the Middle Ages were presented - ancient rituals, recitation of poetry, slave market, development of dance and music, etc.

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* Photos by: Maya Arsova, Ivo Dimchev, Galya Alexandrova




"Wedding with a delay" in Sliven!

" The wedding with a delay" "exploded" on the stage of  Tuida fortress on August 16, 2021! Maya Bezhanska, Filip Avramov, Toni Minasyan, Iliana Lazarova and Hristina Dzhurova offered us a wedding, several complicated situations and a lot of laughter with their brilliant play. The production passed with great interest from the Sliven audience and for this reason the organizers announced a second date in September! For those who failed to watch "Wedding with a Delay" will be able to do so on September 12, from 20:00, on the stage of Fortress Tuida. We look forward to seeing you again!

Swatba zakusnitel

Vesko Eshkenazi and the seasons.

On July 16, 2021, in the Tuida Fortress was held a concert of the virtuoso violinist Vesko Eshkenazi and a representative part of the Pleven Philharmonic. In the evening, a parallel was drawn between the remarkable musical cycles The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi and The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires by Astor Piazzolla.

* Photos:


Grafa - Summer tour 21 in Tuida Fortress

This year, on July 15, Sliven and Tuida Fortress were one of the stops of Vladimir Ampov - Grafa and the group "Prime time" and their Summer Tour - 2021. Along with the artist, the children from "Junior Band" also took part in the tour of the country. , Veliko Tarnovo with conductor Yordan Tsvetanov. They "warmed up" the audience in Sliven hours before the concert with a musical procession on the main street of the city. The evening was invigorating and captivating. The audience was on their feet and singing their favorite songs, including "Domino", "Chimera", "PRIME TIME / SEX for Money", "CASH", "The Happiest Man", "Side Observer", "Nobody". "Stolen love", "I DON'T HAVE SMOKE / I HOPE, BUT I DIDN'T", "If there is a paradise" and many others.

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With "Songs from the Mediterranean" at Tuida Fortress

A walk through the European Mediterranean with iconic Italian, Spanish, French and Greek songs and canzonettes, under the evening sky of Tuida! Thus, on July 14, accompanied by the Vratsa Symphony and maestro Hristo Pavlov, "Songs from the Mediterranean" with the charming opera stars Georgios Filadelfevs, Valentina Korchakova and Mario Nikolov were presented. A fabulous and full of beauty evening.

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"Night of Museums" 2021

On 03.07.2021 the museums and galleries from Sliven again celebrated the European Night of Museums. The program of the event included 9 museum sites in the city, and a joint adventure game "Discover Sliven" was organized for the participants. Games for children and adults, creative workshops, raffles, prizes, etc. were provided. The initiatives ended with a raffle at the First State Textile Factory.

In the Tuida Fortress the visitors could enjoy the concert of the folklore formations at the Chitalishte "Hadji Dimitar" Sliven, as well as to check their accuracy with a bow.

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1st "Gryphon" Traditional Archery Tournament

Over 50 participants from all over the country competed in the first traditional archery tournament "Griffon", which took place today, May 29, 2021, in Tuida Fortress, Sliven!
The competition was held in two rounds: individual and team shooting.
In the individual shooting, the competitors went through a route of 8 obstacles, with the shortest distance of 7 m and the longest - 50 m. Among the various disciplines were more attractive shooting on rolling discs, balance shooting and a rotating target.
After awarding the winners in the individual shooting, a team competition was held in three disciplines: simultaneous, fast shooting distance: 15 m., Relay shooting at a hanging target and shooting at a moving distance: 40 m.
The organizers of the tournament are Griffon Martial Arts Club, Sliven in partnership with Tuida Fortress.

One day in the medieval city

On 22 May 2019, an Activity under the National Program "Providing a Modern Educational Environment", a module "Museums as an Educational Environment", with the students from the VI a grade and the VI b class of the "Dobri Chintulov" Profiled Mathematics High School in the town of Sliven.

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Mountain Marathon - Sliven 2019

On 18-19.05.2019. besides the Night of Museums initiative, Tuida Fortress hosted another great event - "Mountain Marathon - Sliven", organized by the Blue Stones-Sliven Sporting Club. On May 19, Tuida was filled with strength, endurance and triumph. In connection with the marathon, the object is free with entrance.
The first three finalists in "Mountain Marathon-Sliven" at 32km.



The first two finishes at a distance of 52 km in the Mountain Marathon – Sliven


The first women finalists: 32km - Monika Filipova and 52km - Maria Nikolova in Mountain Marathon – Sliven

monika filipova 1.32km jenimaria nikolova 1.52km jeni



Unusual Night of Museums with "Typical" – HUNTING OF ART & FACTS

On May 18, 2019 was held Fifteenth European Night of Museums and Galleries. For the sixth time, Tuida Fortress joined this cultural event. The Joint Initiative of the Museums and the Municipality of Sliven "Night of the Museums" took place with the support of:
1.Turator VIP-Sliven Ltd.;;
2. Doris Transport and Tourism Company
3. GLOBUS EU Travel Agency -
4. Helikon Bookshop
5. Gift House "Fortuna"
6. "Fantasy" Sweets House
7. Museum vouchers
Thanks to the sponsors who supported the initiative and provided part of the prizes in the festive raffle.

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