Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Gathering festival "Celebrate With Your City!

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Gathering festival ‘Celebrate With Your City!’

On the occasion of Sliven city celebration - Dimitrovden, the Municipality of Sliven, ‘Tuida’ fortress team, The Association Club of Medieval Martial Arts ‘Ratina’ and Youth House organized a gathering festival ‘Celebrate With Your City!’

On the 26th of October, at 11:00 a.m., a grand ceremony and an ANPT concert with the participation of the folk singer Zhechka Slaninkova was held in front of the monument of Hadji Dimitur.

During the whole day from 10:00 to18:00 there were entertainments and attractions at ‘Tuida’ fortress.

Entrance to the fortress was free of charge for the citizens and quests of Sliven on Dimtrovden celebration.

Hundreds celebrated with us the holiday at ‘Tuida’ fortress archway. 

Everybody enjoyed the various martial practices, different weapons handling, horse riding, demonstrations with Buzzard Harris and demonstration of crafts and archery.

The medieval camp was including an yurt, a tent and typical handcrafts which represented the medieval Bulgarian lifestyle and culture.

Everyone was given the opportunity to enter and have a look at the yurt interior and closely watch how the craftsmen work.


Participants of the festival ‘Celebrate with your city and remember the glory!’

Club Medieval Martial Arts Ratina’ association - Sliven

Association of recovery and preservation of Bulgarian traditions ‘Avitohol’ Varna

Medieval Park Markeli’– Karnobat

Nadejda Nikolova and Emil Marinov - NDTradition- branch Shumen

Nina Yankova, Diyana Valchanova and Milena Arabadjieva - Stara Zagora

PGTO ‘D. Zelyazkov’ - Sliven

PGHTAcad. Nedelcho Nedelchev’ - Sliven


Atanas Dekov - woodcarving, fretwork, Kotel

Valentin Dimitrov – pottery, Elena

Nelli Yaneva – jeweller, Sliven

Bread House "Bread and Wine’, Sliven

Youth House, Sliven

Puppet Theatre, Sliven

Social Boarding School – Hristo Botev – pottery/ceramic, Dragodanovo

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Joe Lynn Turner`s concert at Tuida fortress

The American hard rock star Joe Lynn Turner had a concert on September 19th 2015, at "Tuida" fortress, Sliven.

The rock concert started at 19:30 h. with performance of the Nikola Kotsev’s "Kikimoraband that provided the star`s participation in Bulgaria. 

Rock songs of all times were heard and at the end of the concert the fans had the opportunity to enjoy the great fireworks show.

Тhousands of fans from all over the country, gathered behind the walls of the Tuida fortress to see in live, the performance of their idol - Joe Lynn Turner. The concert continued over 3 hours and ended with fireworks on the sound of the track "Burn". The team of the Sliven Municipality and Tuida fortress did a great job with the organization of the concert. 

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 Looking forward to new events!

Charity concert for "Tuida"

KrasimirAvramovs charity concert was held at the fortress of “Tuida”, on the 1st of August 2015. Special guests and participants in the concert were the folk singer Yanka Rupkina and ballet "Veda Junior." The show ended with a spectacular fireworks.

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Festival “Summer Event – Karandila”

The fortress “Tuida” took place in the third annual festival “Summer Event – Karandila” – Sliven on the 27th of June, 2015 year.

During the day lots of archeries were shown by our colleagues with the special participation of the archery instructor.

The visitors had the opportunity to take part in the “Traditional Bulgarian Archery” and got familiar with the history of the fortress.

Program of the event

program of the event „night of the museums” at tuida fortress

10.00 h- 18.00 h. - Presentation of traditional craftsmanship of: coinage, weaving, jewelry production, beltdecoration, production of leather goods, bow making and many others.

17.00 h. – 17.10 h. – Official opening of the program and welcoming speech from the Mayor of our town – Sliven.

17.15 h. – 19.00 h. - Demonstration of Medieval Martial Arts:

            1. Madara Horseman Riding School and Living Arrow Horseback Archery - Bulgaria –Dimitar Trukanov: horseriding demonstrations and traditional archery, fighting archery and horseback archery.

            2. Krum Yapulov military horse riding techniques and tricks from the past times.

            3. Petar Vladov and Fighting group Baradj - a group forhistorical full-contact fencing, part ot fight club "Storm"- Pazardjik.

            4. School for Medieval Sword Mastery - MOTUS

            5. Falconry

19.05 h. – 19.10 h. – “Lights and Fires” – fireshow: juggling, contact juggling

19.15 h. – 19.55 h – Folklore danceprogram of Children's Folklore Ensemble "Bulgarian" and Youth Dance Ensemble "Bravo" from the Cultural Center "Hadji Dimitar"

20.00 h. – 20.30 h. - Concert of themusical group "Monolog" from the High School of Humanities "Damyan Damyanov", Sliven

20.40 h. – 21.30 h. – “Sons of Boreas” – theatrical performance, staging Rosen Uzunov

21.40 h. – 21.50 h. - “Lights and fires” – fireshow: juggling, contact juggling

After 22.00 h. - Observation of the night sky with a telescope

Medieval festival near Cherven

From 2-nd of May till 4-th of may 2015,
The team of "Tuida" presented the fortress and the town of Sliven at the traditional medieval festival at the medieval town next to the village of Cherven. The event was held for seventh consequent year and aims to represent authentically the lifestyle and culture of our ancestors.
The association of: "Chigot" Unity, "Modvs Vivendi" – Bulgarian Medieval community and other independent formations represented a medieval military camp.

Night Of The Museums At "Tuida"

Night Of The Museums At Late Antique And Medieval Fortress Tuida

On the 16th of May 2015 Tuida Fortress hold the traditional annual event Night Of The Museums for the first time. The motto this year was "Traveling through time, via time and with the time".
The program contains a presentation of the cultural and daily lifestyle of the people who have inhabited the fortress and the region from ancient days till now. Folklore clubs, craftsmen and demonstrators of medieval martial arts will take part in the occasion.
There was free access for the event for all citizens and guests of the city from 10:00 a.m. to midnight on the 16th of May 2015 /Saturday/.

The official program will start from 5:00 p.m.

The event will be held with the association of: The Municipality of Sliven, the team of Tuida Fortress and the team of Martial Arts Club "Gloris Jim", Sliven.

Tuida`s team

Four guides and four animators was appointed. They provide information for the historical sight and welcome the guests.

Official opening

Tuida fortress was officially opened on the 22nd of December 2014, when a solemn ceremony was held. The fortress was opened by the Mayor of Sliven – Kolyo Milev and the Deputy mayor and project manager - Rumen Stoilov. The event was attended by councilors, citizens and guests.

The attendees enjoyed the artistic dances of "Sliven" ensemble and the specially created video. The atmosphere was amplified by the rhythms of European music from the Middle Ages and costumed volunteers from the High School of Economics - Sliven.

Promotional materials, created within the project, were available for the guests. The evening ended with a cocktail and fireworks above the light of torches and the sound of the Polychronion.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the volunteers and attendees!

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