Late antiqe and medieval fortress “TUIDA”

Fortress Tuida with new prices from January.

Since January, Fortress Tuida will work with the new prices and offer services. Change there is the price for visits by students and pensioners - of 1.00 lev to 1.50 lev per person, and changes in some services. For example, discussions of Bulgarian and foreign languages aligning and became priced at 10.00 lev
Detailed price list can be found in section entrance fees and services.


         Late Antique and Medieval fortress Tuida win in the race for the annual award of the Ministry of Tourism in the category "Tourist Attraction / object" battled with 19 other worthy tourist attractions!

            Tuida an integral part of the cultural life of the city, which was quickly turned into desirable tourist destination for Bulgarians and foreigners!
            On 19.12.2016g. are organizing a special ceremony by the Ministry of Tourism was awarded the prize of
 Vice mayor Stoyan Markov and Manager of the fortress Maia Ivanova by the Chairman of the Commission for Consumer Protection Dimitar Margaritov.

            Statuettes that received winners in the 16 categories are copyrighted product by Dimitar Germanov, specially made for the ceremony and will only be used for the next editions of the competition.

The vote for Tuida is the recognition of people, to working of the fortress team!!!           

                                               THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SUPPORT US!



Vote for Tuida fortress!

Dear friends, Tuida fortress is nominated for the Annual Tourism Awards, 2016 at category "Tuorism attraction/object". You could vote for us online till December, 18th at the following adress: Tourism awards BG
P.S. in bulgarian we are written like this: Късноантична и средновековна крепост "Туида", гр. Сливен

Thank You!

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Such a success for the first training camp at Tuida fortress!

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Success for first training camp at tuida fortress!
On 19.06.2016., successfully completed a unique, three-day training camp in which School of medieval fencing "Motus", School of horse riding "Madara Horseman" and Club of Medieval Martial Arts "Ratina" gathered together for fencing, archery and horses'training.
All workouts and training sessions were held in the Tuida fortress, Sliven. Despite the heat, members of the three organizations and seminarians were trained in three different (but and very similar) historical disciplines under the guidance of instructors Miroslav Lesichkov, Milen Petrov and Dimitar Trukanov.
We are extremely happy that we were hosting the first merger Training camp in Medieval Martial Arts: fencing, archery and riding. Besides training, the instructors made and demonstrations of medieval military arts to visitors of the fortress.
It was very interesting and useful for all participants. See you soon!

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Infotour around Sliven`s cultural heritage

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Infotour will be held on September 27, 2016 and includes the following items: Historical museum - Sliven, House of Sliven's culture of XIX century, Museum of Textile Industry,Tuida fortress and some of the symbols of the city. Guide of the infotour will be Mr. Nikolay Sirakov - director of the historical museum in Sliven. The event is dedicated to the World Tourism Day, which is celebrated annually on 27 September.
Sliven Municipality in cooperation with Elka Mihaylova - consultant in tourism to the municipality are the organizers of this tour, which is for people in the business area of tourism - hoteliers, restaurateurs, owners and managers of attractions, sports facilities and others, which are dominated by visitors from the country or abroad.
The main goal that we set is colleagues who have the closest contact with tourists and visitors to know in details the cultural and historical landmarks of Sliven and to motivate their customers to visit them.
9:00 am. - Visit the Regional Historical Museum Sliven - disquisition
10.00. - Walking tour in the city center and familiarization with the symbols of Sliven - The Old Elm, Clock tower, The monument of Hadji Dimitar and etc.
11.00. - Visiting the museum "Sliven's lifestyle and culture of 19th c." - disquisition
12.00. - Visit the National Museum of Textile Industry - disquisition and demonstrations
13.30. - Visit the Tuida fortress /transfer to the fortress will be done by the organizers transport/
13:30 to 14:00 h. - Break for coffee and sandwich
14:00 to 16:00 h. - Disquisition, archery, dressed with antique and medieval costumes for a picture, introduction to bird hunting Drako.

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